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Individual sessions

Each being is unique. Therefore, each healing session will be unique. The 'healing ones' will go through the process at their own rhythm, some more slowly, some very fast.

Each healing is considered not an event, but an initiation, a passage to a new awareness, with deep and long-lasting effects.

Whether in astrology, radionics, body-mind-soul healings, shamanic rituals or auric cleansing - individual sessions are meant to maintain or restore harmony and global health encompassing the body, the soul and the psyche.

The spiritual dimension is always present in order to guide the patients towards freedom, independence and responsibility... at their own pace. Once the process gets going, the number of sessions needed cannot be foretold : healing comes about like a flower unfolding its petals.

The sessions

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What is shamanism ?

The word 'shaman' was first used in Siberia and means 'to use fire', i.e. energy. A Shaman knows how to move between the material world and the invisible world. He or she uses energy to transform, heal, restore harmony and build bridges. Shamanism is the most ancient healing system addressing body and spirit humanity has ever known. Shamans serve Life, Mother Earth and all her creatures.