Who is Marie-Noëlle Anderson ?

Double national, Swiss and South African, I had a four year training in holistic healing in the Celtic tradition. During the same period, I also attended workshops run by Lynn Andrews in the shamanic tradition and had some wonderful medicine women from the US South West and Mexico as teachers. As of 1990 my work with healers and sangomas in Zimbabwe and South Africa became more intense. All 'Walking Wisdom' activities, workshops, training and individual sessions are based on shamanic tradition.

Love travelling - am a good Sagittarius ! Visited many European countries (lived in Italy and in Austria for many years), the US - the South-West is one of my favourites, a great number of African countries, Mexico and India, where I visited Sathya Sai Baba.

Participated in many international encounters and debates involving the scientific, academic and cultural communities, on topics such as traditional healing, protection of biodiversity, as well as informal acquisition of knowledge.

Author of 'Couleurs d'exil' (éd. de l'Aire/Canevas éditeur), 'Nous, les Celtes du Verseau' (Yva Peyret), 'Exiles' (Realities Cape Town), 'Le Jeu de la Transition (AfrikaViva), and many articles as well as an edutainment play in French and English on the protection of biodiversity, 'Kgodumo the Monster'. I supervised the publication of the French translation of Sobonfu Somé's 'The Spirit of Intimacy' ('Vivre l'intimité-la sagesse de l'Afrique au service de nos relations') for Jouvence (Geneva). Signed the Psycho Column for nine years in l'Illustré (Swiss weekly), bi-monthly Psycho column in Tribune de Genève, monthly column in GHI (Les astres et la vie - The stars, life and you), and d'Equinoxe en Solstice in Alternatif.

Guest on tv-show 'Photos de famille' (TSR and TV5) on Shamanic dreaming (May 18, 2005).

In 2001, Slow Food Award recipient for a project aimed at raising awareness amongst local communities in Zimbabwe regarding the protection of biodiversity, with focus on medicine plants.

2002 saw the launch of the NGO AfrikaViva followed by the 2003 international conference 'Ubuntu - instrument for Peace'.

Member of the International Traditional Healers Organisation (Southern Africa) and the Radionic Association in Great Britain.




What is shamanism ?

The word 'shaman' was first used in Siberia and means 'to use fire', i.e. energy. A Shaman knows how to move between the material world and the invisible world. He or she uses energy to transform, heal, restore harmony and build bridges. Shamanism is the most ancient healing system addressing body and spirit humanity has ever known. Shamans serve Life, Mother Earth and all her creatures.